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Nocturnal pleasures

I’m currently up way past my bedtime listening to Skriet and drinking some green tea. I’ve wanted to listen to this album for quite some time now so it’s perfect to sit here late at night and just enjoying it streaming out through the headphones and my ears into my brain. And no, this is not distracting me at all…


Mobile blogging

It’s interesting that nowadays you can basically blog from wherever you want. Although I have to say that the iPhone keyboard looks pretty weak compared to the Courier. I would love to write an update by hand!

Lions and lounges

Oh by the way, since last time I have actually been published in a short story anthology from Lion Lounge Press called The Lounge Companion. The story is called “The Endless Duel” and is, despite it’s name, only around 2,000 words long. However, if you do purchase a copy of your own you can in fact read it over and over again! So head on over there and give those good fellows at the Lion Lounge your money!

What’s this?

I know that there’s a special kind of hell for people who’re away for over six months from their blog and then come back excusing themselves for being away, so I won’t excuse myself. I’ve just spent an evening folding laundry, listening to Existensminimum and watching the first two episodes of Bored to Death. Good times, good times. Now off to read some Chabon and then bed. Toodles!