Nose compadre

I’ve had a cold for a couple of days now (which I suspect comes from my girlfriend…) and I’ve come to understand the wonder that is the Nosebuddy. Yes, Nosebuddy – such an awful name for such a wonderful (and phallic!) thing. It’s one of those “new agey yoga thingies”, but despite the fact that our Nosebuddy has some kind of silly lotus flower on it (which should increase the energy flow through the bullshit chakra), it’s really all about running salt water through your nose. Yes, that’s it! Salt water! It’s amazing how some people have managed to make money on what is basically just a specialized utility for running water through the nose. Next step would naturally be to get a patent on some specific mixture of salt and water… perhaps even add another worthless mineral just to make it super exclusive!

Anyhow, starting these sicky, sucky days with running salt water through the system has been simply wonderful. Apparently it’s completely normal to do this up to three times a day, which seems a bit like overkill, but I can definitely see the attraction. In fact, I think I will up my own number tomorrow, even.


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