Posts for a new generation

I’ve had a number of blogs through the years and none of them have lived for longer than, say, a couple of months. It’s difficult to find the focus and motivation to post, what language to write in and what you want to reveal and what you want to keep to yourself. All of these things are matters that one must consider when writing online, because you never know who might find your writings and what they might make of it. For instance, I remember when I applied for my current job – it just so happened that a number of people at the company had taken their time to look me up on the Internet. Sure, my CV included a link to some of my work online, but it did take just a pinch of extra effort to look up my blog. But so they did, and there was the naked truth just under the noses. Luckily, the blog didn’t contain anything overly embarassing, but you never know – when you least expect it, your future boss might see your photos of your piss drunk mug on Facebook!


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