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Finished up Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” today. It’s quite a spectacular book, I must say, if only for the fact that such a renowned writer receives the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction for a post-apocalyptic book that might as well have been called “Mad Max without the punk and cars”. I must admit that I am indeed a sucker for the whole end-of-the-world stuff but I don’t think I’ve ever visualized it in such a way that McCarthy does.

The style goes very much along the lines of Robinson Crusoe, with at times unnecessary details of how the main character goes about to ensure his and his son’s survival. But while this can at times be overwhelming, it’s also something that adds to the mood and the plausibility of the whole scenario.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing Penhall’s and Hillcoat’s adaptation of the book for the screen. Viggo Mortensen seems just right to pull this thing off with dignity!