Good news, everyone! It seems that my short story “The Monument” was accepted for volume 2 of The Lounge Companion. I’m very excited about the whole thing and I’m really curious to read some of the other pieces included on the shortlist. The book itself is allegedly going to be a bit thicker than last time, which should not only make it a great companion for any lounge but also a fierce weapon for self-defence!


I’m currently up way past my bedtime listening to Skriet and drinking some green tea. I’ve wanted to listen to this album for quite some time now so it’s perfect to sit here late at night and just enjoying it streaming out through the headphones and my ears into my brain. And no, this is not distracting me at all…

Mobile blogging

It’s interesting that nowadays you can basically blog from wherever you want. Although I have to say that the iPhone keyboard looks pretty weak compared to the Courier. I would love to write an update by hand!

Oh by the way, since last time I have actually been published in a short story anthology from Lion Lounge Press called The Lounge Companion. The story is called “The Endless Duel” and is, despite it’s name, only around 2,000 words long. However, if you do purchase a copy of your own you can in fact read it over and over again! So head on over there and give those good fellows at the Lion Lounge your money!

I know that there’s a special kind of hell for people who’re away for over six months from their blog and then come back excusing themselves for being away, so I won’t excuse myself. I’ve just spent an evening folding laundry, listening to Existensminimum and watching the first two episodes of Bored to Death. Good times, good times. Now off to read some Chabon and then bed. Toodles!

Lots of things happening today. For once, I got a wisdom tooth removed. It’s pretty painful, even though the procedure wasn’t overly bothersome. It’s mostly now, afterwards, that I’m knocked out by the pain. Thankfully, I’ve got my new computer to occupy myself with. Seems like the tooth fairy does exist, after all. I’ve just gotten it up and running with my new 24″ screen and all, and I just couldn’t wait to download some games to try it out. So I logged on to Steam to grab Left 4 Dead or something, but it’s taking ages to download! The games are so big these days that a regular DSL connection (24 mbit down, 10 up) just won’t do it. I’d really like a faster connection, but there aren’t any options, really.

I’m the Doctor

Yes, it’s true, I am in fact the eleventh doctor. You may have been misled and confused by the recent announcement of Matt Smith nailing the role, but the truth is that it’s really me. Don’t worry, it’s all part of the PR. You’ll see eventually… Anyhow, I’ve just received the first DVD collection of the first series (that’s the 2005 series, mind you) and I’m quite ready to jump straight into it as soon as possible. It only saddens me somewhat that it’s not released on Bluray… Oh well, you can’t get everything. So I’m off to hitch a ride with the TARDIS now. See you in a bit!

Nose compadre

I’ve had a cold for a couple of days now (which I suspect comes from my girlfriend…) and I’ve come to understand the wonder that is the Nosebuddy. Yes, Nosebuddy – such an awful name for such a wonderful (and phallic!) thing. It’s one of those “new agey yoga thingies”, but despite the fact that our Nosebuddy has some kind of silly lotus flower on it (which should increase the energy flow through the bullshit chakra), it’s really all about running salt water through your nose. Yes, that’s it! Salt water! It’s amazing how some people have managed to make money on what is basically just a specialized utility for running water through the nose. Next step would naturally be to get a patent on some specific mixture of salt and water… perhaps even add another worthless mineral just to make it super exclusive!

Anyhow, starting these sicky, sucky days with running salt water through the system has been simply wonderful. Apparently it’s completely normal to do this up to three times a day, which seems a bit like overkill, but I can definitely see the attraction. In fact, I think I will up my own number tomorrow, even.

Finished the single-player campaign of Gears of War 2 this weekend (on Normal). It was decent, not much more, and the finale was somewhat disappointing to say the least. But having beaten the game, I decided to take a little trip into Gears of War 2’s multiplayer. I played a fair bit of the first game’s multiplayer, and having read about the new game modes I was a bit curious to see how well it actually worked.

A couple of hours later, I turned off the console with mixed feelings. I first tried the Horde mode, which was a bit confusing at first, but still pretty straightforward: survive 50 rounds of increasingly difficult mobs of monsters. Fair enough. What it resulted in, however, was a trash-talk fest with a bunch of 14 year olds using their headsets rather vigorously and a game mode that felt more like a time sink than an engaging challenge. Still, it’s fun to shoot at stuff, to some degree.

I then attempted to try the more deathmatch-oriented multiplayer modes but I was unfortunately stuck in the matchmaking lobby for 10 minutes without the hope of ever finding suitable matches. This leads me to think of two possible reasons: either there’s very little people playing Gears of War 2 online (on a Saturday night even!) or the matchmaking system is completely messed up! Either way it was a disappointment, and I ended up playing a round of Uno instead. That’s right, Epic. Uno.

It took me about 10 seconds to find a four player game and they all hung around for the whole game, never even using their headsets. Something tells me that there aren’t a lot of 14 year old kids playing Uno, which I think can only be considered a good thing. So, Uno – Gears of War 2: 1 – 0.

Nobel peace prize

Just watched the Nobel Peace Prize concert on TV, hosted by Sir (important!) Michael Caine and Scarlett Johansson. All in all a decent event, with Martti Ahtisaari looking like an old teddy bear and Diana Ross looking like an old… Michael Jackson. It may seem kinda funny that the Peace Prize event is held in Oslo when the rest of the Nobel festivities are held in Stockholm, but that’s what Alfred explicitly requested in his will. The more you know!

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